What is excessive blood strain?
A blood stress degree of 140/ninety or better is taken into consideration high. About two-thirds of humans over age sixty five have high blood strain. If your blood strain is among a hundred and twenty/80 and 139/89, then you’ll be prone to growing high blood strain, or hypertension, within the destiny. You can take steps to save you high blood pressure with the aid of adopting a healthy lifestyle.

What are the dangers of high blood strain?
High blood strain can have an effect on the mind and motive strokes. It can lead to vision impairment or blindness. It can damage the kidneys and put you at the chance for heart attacks.

Does excessive blood pressure run in households?
Yes. You are much more likely to expand excessive blood stress in case your dad and mom suffered from it. You are at better threat when you have a circle of relatives records of early coronary heart sickness (earlier than the age of 65 in ladies, or fifty five in men), or family records of stroke.


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