High blood pressure can purpose issues for you and your child for the duration of being pregnant, together with preeclampsia and premature delivery.

High blood pressure usually doesn’t cause symptoms or signs and symptoms. Go to all of your prenatal care visits so your company can test your blood pressure.

If you want medicine to preserve your blood pressure under manage, take it each day.

If you’re at high hazard for preeclampsia, your provider can also need you to take low-dose aspirin to help save you it.

What is excessive blood strain?
Blood stress is the pressure of blood that pushes against the walls of your arteries. Arteries are blood vessels that carry blood far from your heart to other components of the body. If the pressure on your arteries turns into too high, you’ve got high blood stress (also referred to as hypertension). High blood stress can position more stress in your heart and kidneys. This can lead to coronary heart, disorder, kidney disease, and stroke.

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Some women have high blood stress earlier than they get pregnant. Others have excessive blood strain for the primary time at some point of being pregnant. About eight in a hundred ladies (8 percentage) have some form of high blood stress during being pregnant. If you have got high blood stress, talk for your fitness care issuer. Managing your blood pressure lets you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

How do you know when you have high blood strain?
Your blood strain reading is given as numbers: the top (first) number is the pressure while your coronary heart contracts (receives tight) and the lowest (2nd) wide variety is the pressure whilst your heart relaxes. A regular blood pressure is 119/79 or decrease. High blood stress takes place when the top wide variety is 140 or more, or while the lowest number is 90 or greater. Your blood strain can move up or down during the day.

At every prenatal care checkup, your issuer checks your blood stress. To do that, she wraps a cuff (band) around your higher arm. She pumps air into the cuff to degree the stress on your arteries whilst the heart contracts after which relaxes. If you have got a high studying, your issuer can recheck it to discover for sure when you have excessive blood pressure.

What pregnancy headaches can excessive blood pressure cause?
High blood strain can purpose troubles for you and your toddler at some point of pregnancy, including:

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